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We are Premium High Quality Bar Catering service owned and operated by experts.

It is a place where anyone can make a unique experience in his life. It is not only a place of high aromatic complexity in terms of drinking but also a corner of a variety of fun.  Bartender 4 you proposes a balanced and fine service of cocktail for all occasions, and an exclusive service of  hiring a mobile flair bartenders, barmen, bar women, cocktail making classes and masterclasses that will not be found anywhere in the area.  Bartender 4 you offers graduation parties for 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th birthday anniversary,  team building events and any other type of public or private parties. Money is not our priority but customer satisfaction is what we believe in. Our movable and professional service is clean, harmonious, and above all a qualified personal and stress-free.



Our Team


There are  professional male and female cocktail bartenders, drinks makers and flair tenders waiting for next gig at


When it comes to cocktails, our licensed mobile bartenders per hour is the exclusive concept of implemented services for you in your private or corporate event.  As experts, they know what kind of drinks to make to each occasion. They are professional people with excellence communication skills and high quality of customer service. With a 100% hygiene and speed in the preparation of another cocktail.

Remember, the preparation of drinks is a process that requires experience and extensive knowledge in different topics of the industry of beverages. For every private party You need to have an outstanding barman with a good beverages knowledge, serious and committed. The decoration of a cocktail must be stimulated and attractive. We have excellent mobile bartenders and we are committed in this sense. The variety of drinks is very extensive, however drinks are served quickly by the bartender. There´s no doubt: Our service is the best.

Ready to book? Hire one of our mobile bar staff for your next event in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Brighton, Birmingham or Oxford! We work 7 days a week so give us a call 020 8133 1243 or email today @ info@bartender4you.co.uk


Special Night With Bartender 4 You



Hen's Night

Need ideas for Hen’s night  prior to the big one? Let us make the ultimate hen’s night for you with our cocktails for every budget and bride. We will help to make your party completely unforgettable. If you need an exceptional and flawless Hen´s, we are the pioneers and the best in providing this type of event and have the qualified staff for you. Don’t stress on it. Beside the drinks and high-quality service, we also have our flair bartenders who are hansom, friendly and above all with good appearances to provide a great cocktails. So, don´t go to look for elsewhere other that can destroy your unique moment of fun. Email us today at info@bartender4you.co.uk





The celebration of the anniversary is one of the most popular parties. At this party, the birthday person tends to have something unique and especially impressive for his guests. Sometimes he feels insecure because he doesn´t want to be stopped by shame. That is why it is not advisable to leave this task in beginner’s hands. Therefore, Bartender 4 you is the best choice. Now, you don´t need to worry about it that much. Because our customer satisfaction most important for us, we do our best to provide a unique event when it comes to the celebration of an anniversary. We will take care of you and your guests and give you enough time to spend the day celebrating with your guests. OUR PROMISE- ensure the day goes smoothly for you and loved ones without a worry.



The best

bucks night

One of the features that we qualify as the best mobile service is our availability to work at any time, place, and for an affordable price. No matter the distance, this can be London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Oxford and Brighton- we will always arrive on time. Give yourself a chance for a unique experience with your BUCKS NIGHT with our experts in this field. Try our service and the result of the good performance of our female cocktail maker and the rich flavor that comes from us will give you an extravagant feeling. Our High Quality mobile bartender service offers truly unique and memorable experiences.




team building parties

Remember that last time when your team all went together ?? Not ? Do you want to go ?

Each of us has a TEAM BUILDING in life according to our social class. If we are a simple employee, we have co-workers that sometimes we hang out with. Perhaps the heads of a company form their own TEAM BUILDING and have fun together. Any event of this nature requires a great party. Why? Because when a team leader shows interest for his team, this helps him to gain confidence of their work mates. For this reason, Bartender 4 you understands the need to have something very special to offer to these people. For this special occasion we designed a special plan as interactive cocktail class. Hire our greatest mixologists for your next event!



Flair Bartenders

MAKE IT A SPECIAL NIGHT WITH our Flair Bartenders. We are Premium High Quality Bar Catering service owned and operated by experts, having great flair masters on team, who “flipes” the bottles you never seen before! Put some spiciness for your next house party, corporate function, wedding or any other celebration in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Oxford and Brighton.




Engagement and Weddings

The celebration of the moments of ENGAGEMENTS AND WEDDINGS is the most important moment in someone’s life. We, at Bartender 4 you, recognize that importance also. Therefore, we have that service to customers who want the unforgettable, the best and the appreciable one. The high qualification of our experts in the field guarantees us a confidence in ourselves which we want to share it with you. Our team of cocktail bartenders or flair tenders will put some spice on our special day! We will serve you in your event with own style Elegance, and Class. Hire our services to make your event memorable.


House Parties

A party at HOME is very complicated for much, since they don´t have enough spaces, not only to receive the guests but also to make preparations, want to make a great cocktails, but do not know what to start from? Is it your case? We will offer you best solution! No doubt! Because we have a very well organized team in terms of drinks making, flair, fun and above bar area general cleaning. Our mobile Bartender brings you the party at your House with all inclusive without having to do any trail or losing your mind! So, invite Bartender 4 you to your next event at home. Email us on info@bartender4you.co.uk





COCKTAIL MAKING CLASSES! Did you hear and see such thing before? I don´t think so. Where have you heard that? Of course, nowhere! However, it is a reality in our team. We guide you to know ingredients and equipment, provide you with cocktail classes or some technicians who will help you prepare your own cocktail while you request any of our events that we have listed above. We, at Bartender 4 you, decided to share what we have learned. Our mission is not only to help those who want to learn how to prepare their own cocktail in a fun atmosphere. Our cocktail making classes will teach you the techniques to making your own cocktails like a pro cocktail bartender. It’s an interactive class that takes the saying learning can be fun. Remember, if you have planned an event of these types, feel free to contact us info@bartender4you.co.uk



Are you looking for a knowledgeable, energetic, and hardworking bartender for your next gig? Are you stressing to plan a cocktail party for your sister’s hen’s night? Do you want to have the best drinks at your next corporate function?

Well, look no further!! Bartender4u is the place you need to be. We are a team of knowledgeable and experienced bartenders to hire per hour in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Brighton and Oxford who can make any night a special for you or your friends or colleagues. Our team members standing by just waiting for their next bar tending gig. We offer competitive prices, friendly hospitality staff, having plenty of experience with excellent customer service skills to treat every guest like a VIP.

Let us take care of the hard work so you can enjoy yourself. Bartender 4 you offers services for corporate functions, wedding celebrations, private birthday parties at home and more. We provide our own equipment, creating special cocktail menu on your request and, most important- excellent service leaving you free to enjoy yourself and know we have it under control.

To make the night most enjoyable and memorable, provide excellent service and great drinks are OUR MISSION. Email us today at info@bartender4you.co.uk or use live chat and one of our friendly staff will help you with that!


All round starting from Westminster, Chelsea , Fullham and Hamersmith To Kingston Upon Thames, Watford and Richmond.


Are you in Metropolitan and surrounding area- we ready to make your event memorable.


East to west, south to north. We will cover it all!


From West Bromwich to Tyseley, Bournbrook to Erdington. Let’s get party.


There is no place where our mobile bartenders couldn’t reach!


Small but important for us. We reach every corner of it!

Are you in Bristol, Southampton, Cardiff, Coventry or else where? Don’t worry! Send us inquiry and we will help you with that!

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