An Introduction to Bartending

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To start with your set up of bar is an easy step. Running a bar efficiently needs few important points to look after. To start with, you must have a class of required basic line of wines, beers, and spirits with the adequate accessories and equipment. Apart from the tangible things requirement, you also need the essential skills of mixing and technique of making new and different cocktails.


When we choose the bartending location, the most noticeable and important part is the area we choose as it should be easy to find and should have an ample backspace to work. Proper space for the glasses and the other equipment’s along with a chair is must. Space and the rooms for the each and every equipment should be made with the knowledge of the Bartender. When the crowd is around, he should be able to handle them, without any chaos.


With the proper set up now, the bartenders should know their best of the drinks to offer. They are responsible for mixing and making drinks of variety to offer and serve. It’s not easy to memorize all the drinks recipe and the formulas, that’s why few of the bartenders keep a list of the ingredients while making and they peep just for the reference.


Bartenders don’t have much time to mix and prepare. There are so many different labels of the liquors that needs to be mixed with one another, all should be arranged in certain way for ex: alphabetical order, to ensure the smooth flow of the business heat. Perfection in any job comes with the practice, especially when you are in service industry. To become a successful bartender you need to spend quite a few years in mixing. Most important and loved style of bartending is Flair style, in which tricks and techniques are performed to mix and juggle the bottle or glass in a style. It’s not easy to practice flair style, as it requires a lot of practice that too with proper care. Being most liked by the crowd, Flair style involves a lot of risk and money, when the bottles breaks.


Basic bar collection should have spirits named Vodka, Tequila, Rum and Gin along with the fruit juices as well like orange juice, lemon juice pineapple, etc. Most of the cocktails and drinks require fruit juices and liquors that combines well and makes a perfect drink. Attractive names also attracts the client, like a drink named Blood Mary, Manhattan. And above all one special drink of bartender should be presented to make a special event. When we have an option to hire a barmen, we can certainly look for the open bartenders available.


Many drinks requires special type of shakers, glasses, rising agents, measuring cups, straws and many special gadgets to prepare the drinks well. Cleaning wipes and cloth for wiping should also need to be kept handy to clean up the spills and area around.


Apart from all about the bartenders, this career is at boom now a days. It get make you lot of money. If you are certified from some college and learn the actual practical techniques, you have better chances to get placed in some reputed group of hotel n pubs. Well paid job with lot of entertainment and meeting new people makes your life more and more interesting.


No matter you are from a certified college or you have learned from some online webinar, you can always have an existing career in bartending.Barmen hire is now easier process with the help of the certified courses offered by the institutes, where you can get the right person.