Bar staff hire for events

Bar staff hire for events

Topic: The duties and responsibilities of bartenders

Sometimes one may try to get into a profession without having the adequate knowledge of what it is all about. The same goes for the bartending industry. It is not every bartender that knows his or her duties and responsibilities. A bartender is not one with autonomous drink mixer, but an individual who is the most important figure or personality in the bar. They have personality. They have the ability to engage with strangers and immediately have that first-time “click”. Sometimes this gives them more opportunity as those who require bar staff hire event to have the upper hand and recommended to other who might need their services. As a bartender, you will need some things in carrying out your daily duty. This includes:

  • Bottle Opener: This is normally located under the bar. For most bartender, a “speed opener” is the best. This opener is about seven inches in length.
  • Bar mix pourers or Juice containers: You need this for speed, freshness, look, and taste; these bar mix pourers are fantastic.
  • Some ingredients have to be mixed prior to when it is required. This happens especially for martinis and cocktails.

With these few item listed, let us look at the key duties perform. The duty of a bartender is not just to make cocktails, mix drinks, or serve the guest. They do much more than what you think you know. However, some of the duties are regulated, but the following are some to expect from them.


  • Make customers feel at home: The bar can be like home for most people and bartenders are charged with the responsibility of responding to guests in a friendly and pleasant manner. Being friendly in a positive way affect the customers.
  • Control of customers: As a bartender, you are charged with controlling situations such as customers excessive drinking. You limit anything that might generate problem and liabilities for your establishment.
  • Make your customer feel happy: You gain more customers when they are happy with the service you render. In the business world, a single customer can make you lose a hundred customers. Therefore, remember to keep them happy, but this should be within the boundaries of the rules and regulation set by the owner of the establishment.
  • Supervising the bar: The bar will need Instruction and guidelines for the staffs and others while carrying out their respective function and duties. If you are the supervisor, you need to point them to the right direction. You must be responsible for the bar staff hire for event outside the establishment. You will need to supervise their entire activity.
  • Give a good show: For those with some flairs of bartending as their job, requires action to show the acts. Knowing how to do this is very important. Finally, keeping track of all supplies for the bar is important. You do not want to run out of stock.
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