bartender hire by the hour

bartender hire by the hour

Topic: What to check out for when having an office party

Having an office party and you think you might require the services of a professional mixologist or bartender to take care of your guest. This is a great choice and you should not forget that some bartenders hire by the hour or per guest. Apart from this, the following question may be considered prior to your hiring them.

Do they have business website? This is very important for not only the bartender, but also those that will patronize his or her services. Do they have a website? If yes, what does the website say about them? The important of the website is key for clients to gather information such as testimonials, contact details, pictures, and the rates by which each bartenders hire by the hour.

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Large or small business preference: It can be a good thing if you hire from a large bartending service because of the experience they have. It is important to note that the person you talk with on the phone may not be the bartender at the event. For most bartending services, there is extra fees and there rates are higher.

Experience: Ensure you hire a bartender with an experience and not a novice. They might not have a ten years’ experience, but may get an experience from a bar or private parties.

Responsiveness: This is very important. What is there response to phone calls, email and inquires? If you require an important question, you do not need to hunt them down. If within 24 hours, there is no response from them, it is time to move on and look for bartenders that are more serious.

What is their arrival rate: If you are called as a bartender for a party, ensure you are there 30 minutes before the start of the real event. To make it better, go an hour earlier.

Willingness to Travel: You may want a bartender that is outside your geographic location, are they willing to travel for such event? Is there a gas surcharge charge for such event? You should find out these details. A gas additional charge is not a bad thing especially if there service is one that is top notch. This service should not be more affordable if you look around.

Do they offer a portable bar? If the answer to this question is yes, then there will not be any big issue for you. You should ensure you are not charge anything a lot for this service.

Custom Cocktail Menu: if such service is rendered, it will be an added advantage. Your office party with a cocktail that is specifically customized for your employee can be something that is awesome service. This will be dependent on the extend of the menu and the time required in creating and developing such menu.

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