Cocktail bartenders for a house party Brighon

Cocktail bartenders for a house party Brighon

Negotiating with your bartender

You might want to have a bar at home for your party, wedding or picnic. Apart from this, there various reasons to necessitate you to have a cocktail bartender for a home party in Brighton, for those who are in the United Kingdom. This party can come pricey, but it is worth giving a big short. This article focuses on enlightening you on some of the excellent advice or tips on how you can negotiate a good bartender rate for your cocktail bartender for a home party Brighton. Negotiating for a good home bartender rate, do I need a bartender?

This reason may vary, but if you want to look at the cost then you must first establish the reason as to why you need a bartender for your home party. Here are a few reason


Enjoy your Guest: Your home party might be a leftover of your wedding ceremony and you want your guest to relax and enjoy. Therefore, you will need a bartender especially if you want the best memory for your guest and not cut corners by mixing and serving them drinks.

Monitoring Alcohol intake: Bartenders have been trained in monitoring the quantity of alcohol taken by each guest. Perhaps your uncle “drinker” has taken too much, you can be confident that he is being watched and won’t messed up your party.

They know the recipes of Drinks: You might not know how to make a long Island iced tea or a Mai Thai, but these bartenders are experienced and can do, even to the latest recipes to give you and your guest the best

So how much do bartenders charge?

If you want the services of a cocktail bartenders for a house party Brighton, the rates are hourly. This is for private parties. They can charge on the following ways.

  • Per Guest: if the house party is an open one, which will comprise of a selection of wines, beverages and beer, the cost rates per guest.
  • Beer and wine only: This is different from other services and is affordable for each guest.


Negotiating the actual rate

If you think, you need to cut the cost of bartending, one easiest way of doing such is by negotiating directly with the bartender on an hour rate. This will be based on the type of drink being served.

If you want to cut down cost, an easy way to go through that is by negotiating with the bartender in question based on an hourly rate. This will be based totally on the types of drink that is being served. The les task done by the bartender, the lesser the pay you give.

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