hire a bartender in London, Manchester, Oxford

hire a bartender in London, Manchester, Oxford

Topic: What to look out for when hiring a bartender

Every restaurant requires a good bartender for its success. Many bartenders can mix drinks but lack the ability to mix friendship and unfriendliness. This is the trademark of any good bartender. So today, we want to explore how you can hire bartender in London, Manchester, Oxford and give your customers more than what is expected. Therefore, what do you look at for when employing bartenders?


  • Evaluate work history and experience: Experience matters a lot in the bartending industry. An inexperienced bartender will not have that composition in a busy and crowded environment. Having an experience is good, but be mindful of the bar they have previously worked for. For example, a bartender who has only worked in a campus bar will have the much needed or be the best fit in working in a country bar. This is the first point of call if you want to hire bartender in London, Manchester, Oxford; knowing the trade is important.
  • Look out for safety certification: Every profession has its own safety ethics. You have to ensure that your staff takes liabilities very serious. Your restaurant and staff could face imprisonment, fines, licensed being revoked, cessation of business and an increased insurance cost in any safety related to alcohol. So when hiring, look out for those who has undergone alcohol training such as SerSafe or TIPS
  • Train your bartender: You should not just hire any bartender, but one that is knowledgeable when it comes to selling. A key way of knowing such bartender is by striking a conversation. When you want to hire a bartender in London, Manchester, Oxford look out for those with the ability to gauge the interest of the customers. This can be a way of strategy when suggesting drinks. A more convincing tactic of selling could be “if you want something more tropical, one of the favorites is our pineapple pina colada”

Bartending is a general term. You need to understand that before hiring, there are different types of bartenders. Although, you can use one as a setting stone to another.


This type is the easiest among all. There are many event or catering companies all around major cities. These catering companies require the services of a bartender. For those who want to start their career there, can begin as a server. This does not require that much of experience, while you use it to embellish your credentials for future interviews.


These have their own customers who order cocktails and food. These bartenders also make table service. The wait staff tips them at the end of the day. This will be dependent on the type of restaurant, either one of high-intensity atmosphere or a relaxed one.


The acquisition of a job at a local or dive bar is usually based on your previous experience. Most of these people require people with accuracy, speed, and knowledge.

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