hire flair bartender

hire flair bartender

Topic: An Excellent way of Increasing your Bartender Tips

Many people want to bartend, nevertheless, they are stunned by the idea of learning it without much skill. “Barbacks” back bartenders. This signifies that they are charged with the responsibility of cutting limes, setting up the bars, filling the ice wells, replacement of empty bottles, etc. “barbackers” with not much experience is more likely to get a job with a bartender with limited experience. So, is there a way of increasing the tips made by bartenders and we will show you how to do such.


Don’t Keep Customers Behind

When a customers comes up to the bar, it is one thing they need – a drink. This should be ASAP. Perhaps you are helping a customer, recognize new customers and speak to them politely that you will be right back with them. The faster you get, the more efficient you become. One key thing you should practice is helping new customers while serving old customers. In this way once, you are done with the first customer, you can check up with the other customer.

Know the names of your regulars and their kind of drinks

For most customers, this can be a good turn on in giving your tips. They can recommend you to their friends having a party to hire flair bartender like you. People like being remembered – for good. So next time a customer’s comes why not ask him, “what are you drinking today, Ken, do you want me to serve you with your regular?” this will bring more money into your pocket.

For indecisive customers, do some cocktails

Not every customer knows what he or she wants exactly. If you have such person in your bar, a simple suggestion will not be bad. Inquire the kind of liquor they could prefer. For example, if they like vodka-based drinks, you can offer a cosmopolitan or sex on the beach. If they like whiskey, an old-fashioned or a whiskey sour can be helpful and creative.

Understand the needs of your customers

For most customers, they want some grooving with you and know you better. For others, they are just in for the drinks and some chitchat. You must understand the needs of your customers; this will help you to learn the kind of person they are. Knowing how to notice what the customers need, you can increase your tip off rapidly. Other people are there to drink and converse with only the people they came in with. Read your customers. You will quickly learn which type of person is which. Once you have learned how to notice what your customers want, your tips will increase accordingly.


This is very important and is the key. Everyone wants to be treated without wasting any time. You must be quick in pouring drinks, open beers quickly etc. the more you are fast in serving, the more tips you will surely make.

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