How to choose best cocktail shaker

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Dr. Lu Wang from Birmingham and the women’s hospital in Boston once said that cocktails, wines, and daily beer could help you relax after work. In addition, they went ahead and said that cocktails can help a woman reduce weight or help them not gain weight, which is a good reason to drink cocktails. If you can look around, several people can assist you in making cocktails, but the best way to enjoy all benefits of a cocktail is by making it yourself.

It is a bit cheaper and enjoyable when you can make your cocktail than going out searching for one. With that said, it is better to have a right cocktail shaker. Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss what you need to consider when buying or choosing a cocktail shaker.

Things to consider when purchasing a cocktail shaker

The first thing to look for when buying a cocktail shaker is the type. Having a kind of shaker you need is a great idea since it can make a huge difference. Therefore, in the world of cocktail shakers, we have three types that are meant to suit every individual with regards his/her taste.

Cobbler shaker also called three pieces are widely available, and it is considered as the easiest to use. When using this shaker, you only need removal cap, strainer cap, and top and strain only those. If you are a beginner, this type of a shaker is for you since it is very cheap, available, and easy to use.

One disadvantage of using this cocktail shaker is that it is very slower in making a drink, and it can mess you when you are mixing fruits and herbs.

French shaker is another type of shakers. It is designed in a unique and sleek appearance that is an excellent decoration for your bar.

The last cocktail shaker we are going to look at is the Boston shaker. This kind of shaker allows you to mix drinks faster and more efficiently. That sort of shaker works perfectly for those who have used the cobbler shaker.

This type of shaker is perfect but just like other shakers, it us its weakness too. The glass can break thus need to have hawthorn strainer to pour drinks from the glass. Apart from the types of shakers you also need to focus on stainless steel, safe for ease of cleaning and money back guarantee. These are major features you need to bear in mind. The last thing is to see what other users say about the shaker. All of these are crucial things you need to consider before you buy a cocktail shaker.