licensed bartenders for hire

licensed bartenders for hire

Topic: The Ethics of Bartending

Every place of work has its set of rules or guidelines to help not only the workers but also the customers. Moreover, where you work is not an exception. A company without such guideline is like a city without walls – it is easier for the enemy to strike a blow. Every bartender is also guided by a set of rule that keep him or her in check. In this post, we will explore some guidelines (do and don’t) for your establishment even if you have been in the industry for a while. This can go a long way in helping you. Remember no knowledge is a waste. Every licensed bartenders for hire; must be conversant with these guideline and comply with every one of them.


The Do’s

  • Keep in order the “Mise en Place”: This is a phrase in French meaning how you arranged the ingredients and tools. Ensure that both the ingredient and tools are kept in the right place, to avoid any form of confusion and fasten service time. Every single tools such as the drinking glass, opener, hand towel etc. must be kept in the proper place for easy accessibility.
  • Hygiene: As a vital rule, you should avoid having any physical contact with your hair, face or any part of your body. This can be a bad turn off for most customers. Your hands need to be washed. The cleaning of the bar is also included in the hygiene.
  • Dressing Properly: There is a dress code for bartenders and this is part of a requirement for licensed bartenders for hire. Grooming should be cultivated as well.
  • Friendly talk: As a bartender, you have to be sociable and easy going. You must be able to talk to customers politely.

The Don’t

  • Drinking on the job: Your primary job as a bartender is in serving others with drinks and not serving yourself. If you want to drink, this should be on your personal time and not when at work.
  • Sleeping with customers: At times, some customers form the habit of seducing bartenders, but you have to resist such seduction and realize you are on duty. Recognize that it is against the ethics of your profession. Bartending is a profession.
  • Goofing: You must remember that you are on the job and have to wait until break time if you want to have a “goofing session”.
  • Acting like the boss: If the boss of the establishment has rules regarding no comp drinks, the size of serving etc., you should not ignore or circumvent it. You have to be honest not only with your boss, but also with money.

As a bartender, you have to be familiar with the different kinds of drinks such as B-25, Bloody Mary, Brandy Alexander, Alabama Slammer, Cape Codder, buttery nipple, blue Hawaiian, Black Russian and Amaretto sour.

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