mobile bar for wedding celebration

mobile bar for wedding celebration

Topic: What you need in starting a mobile bar

Mobile bars can come in various forms, from those resting on a plane to that fully equipped trailer, which is towed behind large Lorries. Mobile bartenders are not different from the traditional bartenders. The only difference is that mobile bartenders are not limited or constrained to a particular location. They provide home based service at different local events such as fundraisers, galas, grand opening, and weddings. For most mobile bars, they run on a part-time basis by those who had the license to trade including restaurants, pubs, wine bars etc. the cost of setting them up differs and could be from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of pounds. So is there any advantage of a mobile bar over traditional mobile bar

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  • High-Demand: In the United Kingdom, for example, people love to drive and apart from this mobile bar for wedding celebration are getting more popular. This demand is likely to increase as the day goes by. Most couples who are getting married now fancy mobile bar in order for their guest to have a wonderful time.
  • It is a vocation: People who offer this mobile bar for wedding celebration have taken it a vocation and it is one that pays high for them especially when top celebrities require their services. Those with great experience are fond of the work and can be a rewarding and profitable career if you are good at it.
  • It is an avenue for both corporate and private worker

With these advantages in our mind, every mobile bar at the initial phase faces some challenge. The following have been listed as the key disadvantages of operating a mobile bar

  • Licensing: Starting a mobile bar will need you to have a personal alcohol, especially if you don’t have one. Breaching the regulation can cost you a lot, including your kit being taken away from you.
  • Potential Violence: There is always high potential in places where alcohol is sold for violence to erupt or flare up. If you can’t deal with such situation, then consider not getting involved with the mobile bar business.
  • Difficult to get a job: Sometimes the job for the mobile bar for wedding celebration don’t come handy as you are under strenuous competition with restaurants, hotels, pubs, wine bars etc., this can be different if you know someone who knows someone.

What you need to succeed

Research, Research, Research. Every business requires proper and adequate research to be done. This is not different from a mobile bar business. You must know what to expect, where to sell, what to sell and how to sell it. Sometimes you might not have any job concerning the mobile bar for wedding celebration. In times like that, FOCUS is the key.

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