mobile bartenders for private events in Oxford

mobile bartenders for private events in Oxford

Topic: Treating Annoying Customers

Every bartender during their career has dealt customers who are annoying. It can be a real issue when you have to deal with such people. You will understand how diffusing the situation can be especially if you are behind the bar. Nevertheless, in spite of how annoying they can be, there are aggressive ways of tackling such customers. Most times, if you are polite, you can manage the situation effectively. Therefore, here are some things to do to handle the situation professionally.


The following are some real life situation faced by some mobile bartenders for private events in Oxford. This is an interaction between a customer and the bartender.

CUSTOMER:  “The drink is weedy, pour some booze in it”

BARTENDER:  “A standard pour is about 1.5 ounce; please insert your club standard amount. I do love to pour more, but this is beyond me as my manager is watching me. This might get me fired and I do not have any job.


CUSTOMER: “Do you mind if I get your digit?  Let’s hang out somewhere

BARTENDER: (pointing to a direction) “See the guy over there, he is my boyfriend

This simple question might lead to other things from a customer that feels embarrassed. For some bartenders who might not be lucky, may be fired. After being fired, they are afforded with the opportunity of starting their own mobile bartending business, because a traditional one may be too costly. Therefore, if you decide that you want to render mobile bartender for private event oxford in the UK, then the following is important

  • Make a practice of making drinks on your own: You might be fired for lack of experience, but you do not need to go school to learn. You can learn by experience and personal study of those ahead of you. Perhaps you might consider starting non-alcoholic drinks for alternative to guest who do not indulge in alcohol.
  • You need a permit license for your mobile bartender: You will need a license to operate fully, because anyone will require a mobile bartenders for private event oxford will ensure that such a barman knows his “onion”
  • Create policies: policies are guidelines that will help you in various areas. You need to set price for both premium an standard alcoholic drinks

What you will need for your mobile bartending business

  • Two coolers ( one for the chilling of the bottle, the other for drinking ice)
  • One empty bucket – this will be used in disposing excess liquid
  • Napkins and glassware

You must understand that bartending events comes with its pros and cons. Let’s give you want to expect


  • Pride of becoming your own boss
  • It is flexible
  • Free food and drinks
  • Lucrative


  • Seasonal fluctuation
  • Unavailability at certain times
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