professional barman hire

professional barman hire

Topic: What you do not understand about bartenders

Bartenders are the ultimate givers of both liquid and verbal empathy, but if you have not been in their shoes, you will not understand how hard their job can be. It is more than a profession. There has been some misconception about the world of bartending and how individuals have not understood what professional barman hire service providers can do. We made an inquiry on how to make your bartender happy especially if you seek a professional barman hire service provider for your party, wedding, get-to-gather etc. Do you think it is important to make them happy? Is that really your job? Well, it might not be your job, but your guest is involved. For their sake, you have to make them happy so the best can come out of them. Nevertheless, the following are some of the misconceptions we discovered so far.


  • The bartending job is much easier than what is seen: This is not so. Their job is tedious and sometimes require more than what they can give. They are multitasking – serving drinks, taking orders, receiving payment, trying to settle disputes etc. averagely, a bartender undergoes a shift of 10-12 hours with no break most times. Their work involves hours of prep work, clean up and meeting the demands of people, especially if it is a big party.
  • People don’t trust bartenders: This notion is also wrong. Most people compare bartenders as a therapist. In reality, you do not pay them for their time; rather you pay them in order to waste your time while they serve you. For most people, who goes to the bar to cool off because of an issue, find it easier to talk to these bartenders.
  • Bartenders recall names easier than tips: A vital way of getting the attention of bartender is by tipping him. This might be different for those who are experienced because they see it as a way of buying their friendship. A tip might not necessarily mean cash; it could be a good attitude, well-timed banter or the ability to decode the wavelength of the bartender.
  • The lives of bartenders are an endless party: A bartender can be likened to a parent to a parent at a slumber party. They work to ensure that everyone is having fun, while at the same time trying to keep them from getting involved in any sort of trouble. Once the children go to bed, the parent cleans up the mess. This is the same with bartenders.
  • The favorite drink made by a bartender is what will be enjoyed most: This is also wrong because it’s not necessary that his bartender mixing will be liked by you. Over time I have discovered that the ones he considered as not good are actually, what makes the differences.
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