Standard Procedures for Bartenders- Know How

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An experienced bartender or the new one, you need to have certain rules to follow, which we call standard procedure.You can always make the bartending service better, with the new ideas of improvement at each step. You can smartly handle the new navigated ways of getting into bartending shifts. Feel like having fun at your workplace, with the enjoyable mood.

These are the few things one looks before hiring a bartender, before going on work.


Whenever you are setting up the steps for the bartending night, just remember that “first impression is the last”, with no exception looks and the personality with the proper dressed appearance makes a fine point of sale. Check that the uniform is clean, wrinkle free. Keep a track of the few belongings like few pens, bottle opener and few small napkins along. Wear a printed or marked apron for the professional look and always wear a smile on the face to lure the customers.


Whether you are operating from the four squares of the restaurant or the home based and per hour basis, even stock helps to hire the bartenders efficient and confident in their moves. Maintain a proper stock of the liquors offered. Few restaurants have the policy to keep the baseline numbers that establish a par stock. It’s very difficult to sell the drinks if you have the limited stock. When we hire a bartender, it’s in London, Liverpool or Manchester or Brighton all requires a proper touch of the professionalism. Empty bottles should be kept in a proper tray to get the record of the used drinks, and the next shift bartender hires can manage and purchase the appropriate stock.


Working with customers, either or weekends or hectic week days allows you to meet a lot of people from the crowd, and creates a good network. Just ensure about the legal entities to be followed, when you serve the glass. The age should be perfect and eligible for the liquors and serve the limited or restricted drinks to avoid intoxication. Follow the drinks laws and the under-age limitations.

Now, when the butterflies are running around, you should be able to manage the cash and the cards transactions in a proper streamlined way. It’s always a naive habit to keep the tab open. Whenever you are accepting cash just be sure to return change in small potions to get the full chances of tip. Ensure to provide the best practices, keeping clean and hygienic environment, being attentive, managing a huge crowd, and maintaining a decorum at the bar by pleasing and alluring the customers.


One important thing, when the bar tenders are about to close the set up they need to check that all the glasses and the accessories are well immaculate and placed. Confirm with the closing manager about the accounting process and hand over him with end of shift checklist. All the queries and the issues, should be cleared before starting a new business operative day. Ideally when the process of hiring a cocktail maker takes place, all such clauses are mentioned in the agreement.